Disgusting Lebanon: Horribly Backwards Reactions to Olympian’s Photos


I don’t even know where to start with this. It’s too similar to the Rasha Kahil incident a few weeks ago, and I still cannot comprehend the horribly degrading reaction of people to something so natural, so normal as a pair of bare breasts shot tastefully for a calendar.

To Everyone Upset at Jackie and Chirine

Who the fuck are you to get upset? Is it the first pair of boobs you see? The horribly backwards reaction to the surfacing of these old photos, makes you all look like savage brutes living in some theocracy in the mountains between Pakistan or Afghanistan, or in Iran, or Saudi. You are in fucking Beirut, the city that placed ads in Playboy Magazine in the 60s, and had its own red light district back in the day. Today, in 2014, you want to turn it into some religious theocracy that’s afraid of sex and hates women unless they’re 72 virgins you get for blowing your stupid self up? Or some savage tribe that still believes women are property and carry “the honor” of the family or whatever it is you call what you congregate yourself in?

You, sirs and madams, are a very sad, sexually frustrated bunch of hypocritea with nothing better to talk about as you wait on the doorways of your politicians to ask for a favor you’ve already paid for with your taxes. Or waiting at the doors of the churches and the mosques that ban you from getting married civil marriages, and sanctify a man’s right to kill and rape his wife, as God intended it in their twisted, old, wretched minds.

To Feminists Worried About “Objectifying a Woman’s Body”

Oh, because bashing two young women for posing whichever way they want, for whatever reason they want, fits in perfectly with the feminist rhetoric, right? If you really are for gender equality, and no differentiation between men and women, then you shouldn’t go out guns blazing against a woman who showed some skin. Just like no one ever bashes a male model or athlete that poses topless or in provocative poses. This is hypocrisy, and whether you like it or not, sex sells and drawing attention to causes, brands, charitable causes, etc. using a bare human body, will always happen, and you should celebrate the fact people have a choice to do that, and honor their choices.

To the Minister of Sports and Government

How DARE you “investigate” Jackie?! After the horrible support our Olympians always get from the government, who didn’t even bother telling Chirine she isn’t participating this year? The same corrupt, rotten, filthy government that sent only 2 athletes, with 7 “organizers”, just like our mysteriously large UN General Assembly “organizers” who are in the several dozen, when China’s entire delegation was a fraction of ours.

Amidst this massive corruption scandal, and laughable handling of your ministry to the Olympics case, how do you have the nerve to investigate one of our Olympians? It’s no thanks to you she’s there, and we can live with that, but suggesting actions might be taken against her for disobeying some Lebanese’s conservative absurdities, is plain rude and unacceptable.

To Jackie and Chirine

We love you, don’t let people’s trash talk faze you. We are proud of you for representing Lebanon, in Sochi and in Vancouver, and I’m proud of you for having the guts to be topless on camera, on the slopes of Faraya in public. Takes a lot of courage and self-esteem to be so secure with your body image. Thank you for standing up for the liberals in this country, the ones living in 2014, not 1200s. Also, don’t ever apologize for participating in that calendar, we’re proud two Lebanese skiers were featured, and might I say favorites on that calendar that grouped female skiers from around the world.

To Lebanese Liberals

Don’t shy away from defending these two brave women. Don’t sit idly by when your supposed “patriotic” fellow citizens joke about bombings and parts of Lebanon becoming a theocracy. Lebanon is liberal, it always was. We can’t let the recent trend in extremism change that. They call on us to “subdue” our women when they do this, when just the other week a savage brute beat his beautiful wife to death, and they thought it was ok… Those very same people and authorities outraged at showing Jackie’s boobs, have no problem with a man beating his wife to a bloody pulp, but GOD FORBID BOOBSSS! AHHHHHHH! SCARY! :'(

Glad I’m Leaving

I need a break from this disgusting place festering with corruption, extreme religious bigotry and hypocrisy that is at The Onion levels. Tfeh on each and every low-life who insulted these two fine young women, representing Lebanon in one the most prestigious of sporting events. Tfeh for making us look like stupid, backwards baboons who go apeshit if our gorgeous athletes show off what they got. I am proud of Jackie, immensely proud, and for once, I like someone representing Lebanon. And I’d much rather have her representing my country, someone comfortable in their skin and open-minded, not tied down by the crippling cultural and religious norms that teach us to hate women, to subdue them, to oppress them. Shame on all of you. I have no words to describe how disgusted I am by the backwardness, childishness and lack of patriotism you have shown. Oh, and btw, t3eesho w tfoo2o you dumbasses, we’ve known about this calendar since December. Sub-par journalists, with sub-par IQed viewers. Tfeh.

Final Advice

Always, before judging and bashing and “investigating” someone for something they did willingly, always, always, always repeat to yourself: “Who. The. Fuck. Am. I?” Trust me, you’ll be all set!



  1. says

    Thumbs Up Gino for putting in words all the bitterness, anger and frustration I am feeling!
    But we’ll keep on fighting, as we always did, throughout war times, peace (?) and in between… this is our fate, this is our land, and this is where I stood, stand, refused to leave and will remain fighting even if the odds seem uncannily unfair!
    God bless you pal!

  2. Hero says

    I agree !

    I think our male athletes should expose their asses for a calendar too, because it makes all the difference to self expression and sports.

    While we’re at it, why not have all our politicians send photos of their boners in shorts to women too (Anthony Weiner style). Or is that wrong?

  3. Anonymous says

    7 organisers for two athletes who receive almost no state support. Laughable.

    But I am disappointed by Jacky for apologising. There’s nothing to apologise about! What she did is not wrong, so no apology is needed.

    The jackasses who see this as “immoral” should chill on their porn first. Lebanon’s 45th most popular website is xvideos, 48th xnxx, and xhamster comes in at 51st (ranked higher than say the BBC or mustaqbal newspaper sites).

    I wonder who drives most of the traffic? The sexually frustrated religious nut who sits at home all day, or the people actually getting laid?

  4. suz says

    While i may agree with you on most points, I do believe taking a picture topless takes away attention from ur talent and to your boobs and yes it does hurt the feminist cause. Arguing that sex sells is ridiculous, we just have to accept that? Just because its the easy way to get attention doesnt mean we should do it. We are more than our boobs.. And i dont appreciate quoting the phrase objectifying woman as if its a myth.

  5. says

    Gino buddy,
    I understand that you have a good taste for boobs and I fully agree that Jackie ranks quite high in that regards, but before letting off your anger and frustration maybe you want to check what Jackie has to say, and I quote it below. Also, please post your girlfriend’s boobs or any one emotionally related to you before going out there and claiming that you became so much accustomed to such acts. Unfortunately, it is clear you haven’t lived outside of Lebanon and you have a disturbed image of what people in western countries think, breaking news: They do not appreciate at all women posing nude, they have a much higher regard for women then your low materialistic sex oriented one, how could you even go on saying that “sex sells and drawing attention”, I thought you are progressive and want to improve things… maybe you should start by changing the sex sells concept.

    As for my view on that:
    1- Go Jackie, you made Lebanon proud and your comment on the matter set things straight
    2- Jackie, you are free to do anything you deem appropriate and this act happened before representing Lebanon in the Olympics, thus it should not count. Also, your comment again really set things straight and the making of this movie should have never gone public, at least not without your consent.
    3- To the minister who no one probably have heard of before, well blame him, but do also blame ‘some’ people in Tripoli that decided to create a Tripolistan financed by backward ignorant gulf countries.

    Lastly, you’re a cool dude Gino, but be careful of the winner’s curse and don’t just attack anything everything for the sake of it.

    Good luck Jackie!

    Jackie’s post:
    I just want to make it clear to everyone who commented, shared the photos that appeared on the net in Lebanon yesterday. Yes I did photos for an Austrian ski calendar with other professional athletes 3 years ago. The photos of the photoshoot are not like the actual images that are now circulating on the net. The video and photos that you are now seeing are part of the making off, the preparation, it wasn’t supposed to go public. Anyways, I want to apologize to all of you, I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture. I fully understand if you want to criticise this.

    Now that I’m at the Olympic Games, these photos that I never saw before are being shared. It is sad. All I can ask to each of you who saw this, is to stop spreading it, it will really help me focusing on what is really important now: my trainings and race.

    • Jalal says

      Most logical and realistic post I have seen about this whole issue today. Kudos to you on recognizing that all of these self-proclaimed liberals would not be singing the same tune if it was someone related to them or to whom they had emotional attachment posing nude. No I would not like to encourage the younger generations to show their tits liberally for the sake of vanquishing hypocrisy and religious oppression and driving your secular agendas, I would however encourage them to follow their dream first and foremost the way Jackie did.

      Having said that, Jackie is an athlete whose dedication and effort to a specific goal in life far exceeds what most of us would ever amount to. I think she earned the right to do whatever the fuck she pleases without being judged by an inferior class of human beings (myself included honestly, like I said, until any of you reach that level of dedication and effort, you ARE inferior and cannot patronize her)

      At the end of the day, she posed for an adult calendar years ago, her decision, her life and her consequences she will have to bear. YOUR reactions, from both sides, made this issue much bigger than it really is. Its totally fine for her to represent her country regardless of her actions and sexual orientation/freedom, but this doesnt make what she did something I would encourage young women to do. We’re not at the age yet where it is OK for young women, on an international basis, to go out posing nude and not be judged from head to toe and reduced to their bodies.

      • says

        Thank you for complementing what I posted, well said. It makes me feel good to see after this day full of ‘disappointing comments’ some people out there with reason and rationale. Unfortunately, most Lebanese miss out on such thinking (non politicians before politicians) and this is why our country is suffering.

      • Joe says

        Well said Arez. Your absolutely right about the Lebanese that live here ‘la2tin el osa min danaba’ when it comes to their views of moral values in the west regarding nudity. But with regards to Jackies comment about the video “not supposed to go public” I’m so sure about that. I watched it and seemed it was like a documentary with translations at the bottom etc.

  6. Fadi Khoury says

    In my personal opinion, I believe what she did is wrong.
    Yes, Jackie Chamoun has the absolute right to do whatever she wants with her life, and no one has the right to judge her. But why are people insisting on drifting away from the main topic (such as giving examples of other celebrities who posed topless).
    We’re talking about the specific case of Jackie Chamoun in here.
    Can someone tell me why would a young girl pose topless on the ski slopes?
    – If she’s doing it for the money – and she needs it, I will not blame her (yet there are numerous other ways to raise money).
    – If she’s doing it because she likes to show her body and boobs, then she’s a wh*re & has no respect for herself and her body. Period.
    Please don’t confuse this with “art”. Posing naked on the ski slopes is not art.
    What kind of message do I have to absorb after seeing a young girl posing naked on the ski slopes? Please get real. Thank you.

      • Fadi Khoury says

        Hey, did I say that men posing naked is generally okay?
        We can talk endlessly about each and every case in this world, and everyone can give his point of view. But once again, I’m just talking about the specific case of Jackie Chamoun in here (I do not want to talk about women rights, nor about our ministry of youth and his stupid investigation, nor about whether we should really be focusing on Jackie’s topic when the country has so many other urgent topics to tackle), I’m just talking about Jackie, and I believe what she did is wrong on the personal level. Thank you.

    • Maya says

      Fadi Khoury, you think women who show off their bodies are whores? Wow, you’re really intelligent. Do us all a favor, go crawl back into that cave where you came from. And while you’re at it, please die in there.

      Oh and for the record, nobody cares what you think. Idiot.

      • Fadi Khoury says

        Maybe you mis-understood my point. To be precise, I meant that women who show off their *boobs* are wh*res in my opinion, and have no respect for themselves and their bodies.
        I’m not against modelling and fashion in general, but I am totally against using the body of women to transfer sexual messages and fantasies (what kind of message do I have to absorb after seeing a young girl posing naked on the ski slopes?).
        If I don’t seem like it, Yes it’s my own problem.
        And if you don’t seem to like my opinion, it’s your own problem – and rest assured that I don’t give a sh*t about it either, Ms. intelligent.

  7. Roo says

    i have no clue who the writer of this article is or who Jackie is personally but very very well said. I completely agree with you and yes gtfo out of this country while you can because it is only going to get worse.

  8. Joe says

    The entire reaction to to the whole getting out of context. We have to separate the individual from the celebrity. As an individual she has every right to do what ever she wants even become a porn star and it’s none of any ones business. But the moment she steps into the limelight and reaches celebrity status, then she opens herself to scrutiny and becomes accountable for her actions. As an Olympian, hence if she sees herself as a a role model for our youth, she has to decide on the message that she wants to send out to them. Unless we are a culture where we won’t condone our children posing naked, then I the right thing for her would be to send a message of remorse and regret.

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